Charles “Jason” Thomas, a native of upstate New York, has been involved in marketing and advertising for more than 30 years.  His expertise in the communications field includes successful print media marketing campaigns as well as television and radio broadcast advertising. 

When he was but a mere lad, Jason started The Thomas Worm Company, using his gift of gab to round up fellow 6th graders and form an association that supplied earthworms to Lake Ontario fishermen. He then went on to use his newly-discovered entrepreneurial skills to write his elementary school’s first newspaper, The Cuyler Chatter. In his free time, he teased girls on the school bus. 

After high school, Jason headed out west where he started his own salsa company, followed by two restaurants. In 1986, he developed his own publishing company, Thomas & Associates, eventually settling in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Jason understands the needs of his clients and how to advance their business, utilizing print publications such as Northern Journeys, The Travel Guides, events posters, gift certificate and coupon programs, and direct mail. Radio and television ads are also available. 

The arts publication, Northern Journeys was created from Jason’s desire to support local artists, and is a labor of love. He knows that people long to connect to beauty and story. 

With the miracles of technology and air travel, he now spends part of his time in mid-coast Maine, supporting the arts through Northern Journeys—Mid-Coast Maine Edition.